Turn your photo’s a unique piece of artwork!

I create portraits and pencil sketches based on your special moments captured in photographs. I like to think that each finished piece is as unique as the subject! I love to interpret the mood and emotion of the subject, capturing the character or moment.

These unique pieces of art make for great family heirlooms, or as gifts suitable for Mother/ Father’s Day, Birthdays, a new baby or even if you are redesigning your house!

Acrylic Portraits

Pencil Portraits

How it Works:

Email your photographs along with any specific requirements or notes and size.

I would give you a call regarding your request, so please be sure to provide your contact details. If you are not sure on choosing the photo, send me a few and I can suggest the best to use.

Or if you would just like some information, you can contact me using the contact form.

Lead Time:

Depending on the workload at the time and the requirement, it should take about a week to complete the artwork. Once complete, I will contact you to let you know and arrange for the delivery of the artwork to you.

Tips on Choosing a Good Photo:

1. A photo that is as clear as possible
2. A photo that flatters the subject, avoiding those you don’t feel comfortable with
3. Candid photos can surprise you and be more interesting, as they capture real moments that professional photo’s would not.
*Irreplaceable photographs should have copies made before mailing to protect against loss in the mail.